ZINGZON INSTRUMENTS is one of the latest companies of surgical instruments. Our company is established in Sialkot Pakistan. Sialkot is known as biggest manufacturers of surgical instruments industry around the world. ZINGZON INSTRUMENTS is one of the leading manufacturer and exporter company and we are manufacturing and producing since last 50 years. But since last 5 years we are exporting surgical, dental, diagnostic, pedicure & manicure and barber & nail salon instruments and a wide range of all instruments. These instruments are high quality and well design and all these instruments are made by according to the need and demand of our customers. We are also ready to produce latest products according to latest technology. So, we encourage you to forward us your master samples or drawings enabling us to give you delivery according to your requirements. We also provide samples to our customers for their approval. Our behavior is friendly with our customers. Our mission is providing best quality of our products and increase customer’s satisfaction and establishes long-term relationships with customers. We are committed to offering discounted rates and prompt delivery at economical prices to wholesalers and distributors. Our prices will be on contract for one year because of the (covid-19) our material prices are rising sharply every day, because of this we may have to raise prices. We require a minimum order of us $1000 to process a delivery. order of us $1000 to process a delivery.